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The Post CTY

A community born in 2007. Vilthia: 8 years together.

What makes this micronation particular, is that it consists of territories that are owned by the current rulers of the micronation.
Founded in 2007 by a few friends, owners of large tracts of land, has undergone many changes and developments over time.
It is a highly developed micronation, managed by an association that has ownership over its entire territory. Residents in the territory are all members of the association. Vilthia has its own water supply, electricity and sanitation, urban furnitures, lighting and public services for citizens. In Vilthia are active a community center, an infirmary, bars and commercial spaces, a library and a chapel.



Vilthia si è evoluta fino a diventare qualcosa di più di un semplice progetto politico: è la nostra Famiglia.

Titianus II

Vilthia è una terra indipendente basata sulla Nobiltà

Costituzione di Vilthia, 2007